“If you wanna be something different, you gotta do something different.”

I just recently heard that statement like an hour ago. It totally got to me because I’ve always wanted to be different. Show the world that I am not the norm. Stand out of the crowd and be unique. Everyone is unique in their own ways, but there are the few that stand out.

I just turned 21 a few days ago. I want this year to be the best one yet. I want to actually follow my dreams and not settle for what I have been doing for the past 4 years. It’s time to WAKE UP!

Ive been telling myself that I am going to Disneyland before the end of this year. I want to go so baaaad! Or go to California in general. I want to travel to at least 2 states by the end of this year. And I think I can do it. Not by working my 40 hour/ week job tho because I can’t even save shit from those paychecks.

I want to get out of debt and get my family out of debt. My parents have sacrificed so much for me. They would give me their last penny if I needed it. Its time that I prove to them that I can take care of myself and them.

I want to travel the world. Go to places I haven’t even dreamed of going. Make memories and find the things that I enjoy in life. I need to WAKE UP!

It’s been a long struggle but I’ve found this business opportunity that I’ve been waiting for literally all my life. And when I say all my life, I MEAN IT. this opportunity is so big, it’s crazy. There are tons of success with this business, I can’t even explain how excited I am. And if you knew me, I get crazy excited about things like this.

Go to this link and watch the first video.


it explains the great opportunity that could change your life. Because it’s certainly changing mine.

email me if you have any questions and if you’re ready to get started.


Social media contact is in the right corner of my page.

Lets get ready to kill it in this business and WAKE EVERYONE UP!



Wander and Daze Rave wear on ETSY!

herrow lovely people who follow my blog! It’s been a tough week, let me tell you.

Work, work, work, family issues, finances, and everything in between. it’s been STRESSFUL to say the least.

HOWEVER, one thing has been working out well in my life which has been the start up of my etsy shop Wander and Daze!

If you’ve read my previous blog post from like a month ago (I know, I need to blog more often) but I talked about Wander and Daze being a tshirt company with cool designs and stuff. I changed my mind about doing shirts because I lost interest, sadly.

I’ve found a new interest and passion in making festival or rave wear. It’s much more creative and I LOVE IT. It’s hands on and I actually get to create something with my own two hands. The difference between making rave wear and tshirts is that I couldn’t actually make tshirts and print them, because I had to equipment for that. With making the rave wear, I do everything. From purchasing items to create fantastic outfits to selling them on ETSY or other places. I am enjoying this journey and willing to do whatever it takes to take me higher.

With that said, Wander and Daze features handmade designed rave bra’s, tutu’s, flower crowns and headbands. It’s fun to experiment with my creativeness and create something cute. I really don’t design outfits with other people in mind. I just go with the flow, do whatever my mind comes up with. I’ve been sketching ideas lately, but the designs don’t come out as how I wanted because I do spur of the moment changes. I never regret that, it’s always a better idea than what I originally had.

I also do customized outfits as well. Anything you request, I can create it. I sketch out ideas and send them for your approval. It’s that easy, however it does take time and effort to make something with good quality.

Here are some pictures of what I created so far. Check out my ETSY shop, http://www.etsy.com/shop/WanderandDaze





I’m gonna be 21 soon. 10 more days in fact.

I want to LIVE my 21st year of life. Do the things I never thought I would do. Mainly become successful and prove to myself that I can be somebody.

I’m gonna make a bucket list of things that I want to do each year I turn older.

Here’s my 21st BUCKET LIST

1. Build your Rave Bra business

2. Take more pictures (the more memories, the better)

3. Travel to the mainland

4. Go to Disneyland, Six Flags, California Adventure

5. Blog more often

6. Have a rave wear fashion show

7. Learn how to sew

8. Save $$$ per what week it is of the year.

9. Go to merrie monarch if Madison makes it.

10. Go back to school


I haven’t blogged in a while…

Every night for the past week, I always remember that I needed to post a blog for the day. I ALWAYS FORGET!

But im back bitchessss. haha, jk. you’re not a bitch, it is just my form of saying hi.

So lately, I’ve been up to a few things. I haven’t told the world this but I am starting my own clothing brand! or brand in general. It will feature my own designs that will be printed on t-shirts, bags, anything, you name it. The type of feeling you will get from seeing my designs is like you’re in a crazy dream in Hawaii. Every design I make is out of the ordinary. Say for example if you see a palm tree, the normal colors are green and brown. My design will feature colors that are much more modern and funky rather than the traditional.

The name of my brand is called WANDER & DAZE.

How did I come up with this name you ask? well, I have gone through two names that I tried to make for my brand. I guess I didn’t research enough but those two names have already been taken in my state. I was in a super big funk because I didn’t know what else kinds of names I could come up with. TILL ONE DAY, I jot down a bunch of words that describe life to me. Words that make up my life. What I am currently going through. What life is for others. Just a whole bunch of stuff.

So I came up with WANDER first. we wander through life not knowing what’s next. every day is not guaranteed and we don’t know what our path looks like for life. As far as DAZE goes, to me it means like your mind is in a different place. Like you are unable to think properly, kind of like confusion. I feel like life is full of that. We get into mishaps and situations where we are stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do. Also, I did like how Wander & Daze flowed together.

I just looked up on google that Daze means to verb:

make (someone) unable to think or react properly; stupefy; bewilder.

a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment.
When you look at my designs, I want people to be like whuuuuh? or whoaaaa, that’s pretty cool. something untraditional. something out of the norm. In Hawaii, you see shaka’s or aloha in every picture. I want to capture that but in a different way. a unique way.
anyway, I plan to come out with some products within the next few months. How long? well we shall see. As long as I get it done. Im a go getter, however, I take it day by day. Because throughout my life, I wander not knowing what’s next.

HAUL| Bath and Body Works

SO I FINALLY CAME BACK FROM OAHU….. and my wallet and I did some damage. LOL, that’s an understatement right there. I literally went crazy at Ala Moana, the hugest shopping center ever. I did so much shopping that I needed my friends to carry a few bags for me. Okay, so, I had to stop by one of my favorite stores, Bath and Body Works because I saw they had a new line of soaps! If you knew me, I take forever shopping and looking around and I literally looked at EVERY SINGLE THING in that store. I’m not kidding. These soaps smell so good it’s ridiculous. I’m in love with the Strawberry shortcake and pink macaron. Can you just say to die for? If you have never been to BBW, they always have a special on their soaps which is buy 3 get 1 free or buy 4 get two free. Of course, I needed every scent in that collection so I bought all six. I already gave my mom three and I kept the strawberry, orange, and pink macaron for myself. Another thing I found that was SO CUTE was this car scent thingy majigger. haha, it’s so adorable! flowers + turquoise=so cute and adorable. I had to get it for my truck. Plus, I needed an air freshener (omg that’s what it’s called! I’ve been calling it car fragrance thingy) and the scents pictured below are what I got. I still need to test it out in my car so hopefully the smells last! LASTLY, I got a foot scrub. Yes, my feet are cracked and not smooth like a baby’s bottom. Hopefully this scrub will fix that. LOL Hope you all enjoy the products I have mentioned. If you would like to see more things that I got from Oahu STAY TUNED!!! toodles for now, xoxo 🙂

New line of soaps for the spring collection at Bath & Body Works. It was buy 4 get two free. You know how that goes if you been to BBW. Save more money, get more things! LOL

New line of soaps for the spring collection at Bath & Body Works.
It was buy 4 get two free. You know how that goes if you been to BBW. Save more money, get more things! LOL


Foamy Soaps

Foamy Soaps

Anti Bacterial Deep Cleansing Soaps

Anti Bacterial Deep Cleansing Soaps

Cute flower fragrance thingy! It holds these scents (pictured below) for your car! super cute and plus it was buy 3 get one free. So I gave in ;)

Cute flower fragrance thingy! It holds these scents (pictured below) for your car! super cute and plus it was buy 3 get one free. So I gave in 😉

These are the three scents I got for my flower fragrance holder. My favorite is the Watermelon! :)

These are the three scents I got for my flower fragrance holder. My favorite is the Watermelon! 🙂

Saw this was on sale. Looked at my feet, they need some treatment. So I decided to go with this! Will be doing a review on it soon!

Saw this was on sale. Looked at my feet, they need some treatment. So I decided to go with this! Will be doing a review on it soon!

Purple Shadows | Makeup Tutorial

Makeup of The Day

Technically, I am not wearing this all day today, haha. I was just experimenting on what makeup I wanna wear this weekend at the rave. The theme is winter wonderland, but since when was it cool to follow the trend? If you wanna stand out, be different. Be YOUnique.

I stuck with the purple theme that will match with my outfit. Purple eyes, and a pinky nude lip. I need to practice contouring my face because I tried, but you can barely see. If you have any comments or tutorials on where I can learn how to contour my face, please leave it in the comments below!

Toodles for now, xoxo 🙂


 Products used for the eyes:

Lid: Revlon photoready eyeshadow in Plum Galaxy

Crease: Wet n Wild Petal Pusher eyeshadow palette in the “crease” shadow

Browbone: Wet n Wild Great Glistener eyeshadow palette

Rimmel Scadaleyes mascara in Jet Black

Eyeliner: NYX longwear & ELF liquid eyeliner in black

DIY | Rave Bra!!!!

I designed and made a bra that I will be wearing to a rave this weekend, YAY! SOOOO EXCITED. I’m not done with it yet, and I will be posting the final FINAL product probably tomorrow. I just wanted to show ya’ll what I have done so far. Please comment and post some feedback! Hope you all enjoy.

btw, im becoming one of those DIY fanatics. yeeee haha

toodles, xoxo 🙂

All the materials I used to make my bra

All the materials I used to make my bra

Ordered these jewels from the company Crafts Outlet from Amazon.

Ordered these jewels from the company Crafts Outlet from Amazon.

These are purple feathers that I still need to add to my outfit. Ordered from Ebay

These are purple feathers that I still need to add to my outfit. Ordered from Ebay

Bra I've had for a while (I wish I had bigger boobs :P)

Bra I’ve had for a while (I wish I had bigger boobs :P)

The beginning stages of gluing jewels.

The beginning stages of gluing jewels.


left side

left side

final product

final product

final product without flash

final product without flash

Drunk in Love | Beyonce’s grammy performance


Honestly, Beyoncé looked so hot.
Her performance was meh, but still, it’s bey. She’s the queen B obviously, and forever will be.
Jay Z was just the icing on the cake for her performance. They are the ultimate power couple and I’m sure lots of people look up to them.

What did you think of they’re performance?

Lmk below.

Toodles, xoxo 🙂

What’s on My Mind?: Lorac Pro Palette

What's on My Mind?: Lorac Pro Palette

I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. like now. haha, this makeup palette is so me. I love matte shadows, not really a huge fan of shimmery ones but I do like how this palette has pretty neutral shimmery shadows.

I will probably purchase this at Sephora when I head to Oahu next week. I wanna do lots of makeup looks with this palette! going out looks and neutral everyday looks.

Lately I haven’t been doing anything creative with my face. Haha, these past few days I’ve been working late, then going to work early in the morning so I don’t feel up to doing my whole face. Just wake up and go.

Anyway, stay tuned for some future makeup looks with this palette 🙂

Toodles, xoxo

Makeup Review | Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

Makeup Review | Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

I recently tried this foundation and it’s officially on my fav list. FOR SURE.
It definitely says everything it is set to do.
I wore this foundation to work, as I do move around and do physical activity, and I noticed that my foundation was still on after sweating a little throughout the day. I love that it’s lightweight because being cakey aint cute honey.

Another thing I liked about this product is that it actually kept my face matte. It didn’t make my face oily, I just produced natural oils from my face. The texture of the foundation is pretty light and airy, not too think or liquidy like othere foundations.

Lately I’ve been wearing this on my face and enjoying the long wear it gives me. I also like the new cover girl whipped foundation which I absolutely LOVE, but this one here is on the top of the list as well.

Btw, the cost was around $6.50 from what I remember.

Please comment below if you ladies or gentlemen have tried this product.

Toodles, xoxo