first post! OOTN


I honestly don’t really take full body shots of myself (maybe because I’m a little insecure, who isn’t right?) but this one happens to be my only and favorite one. I believe this was taken back in October of 2012 when I was attending a friends birthday dinner. Let me just tell you a quick story before I get to the outfit details. My friend and I had finished school that day and we knew we had nothing to wear to the dinner. I didn’t want to go to the mall just to get an outfit for the night but, we ended up going. Being a broke college student, you don’t really want to spend a lot of money on things you don’t need. However, this entire outfit felt like a spontaneous splurge for me. We headed to Charlotte Russe, one of my all time most favorite stores! I couldn’t decide on what kind of dress to buy so I got two. They were both the same color, minty green. The other dress was a skater dress that came with a pink belt. (I’ll probably take a picture of it later and post it, just in case anyone wanted to see. And I most likely lost the pink belt.) Anyway, I ended up buying the white blazer as well, which I shouldn’t have because it was too tight and my arms were suffocating. Beauty is pain I guess. Plus, it looked good for the dinner so I can’t complain.

Fast forward and whilst walking to the restaurant, a strap on my sandal broke. I was devastated because it was my favorite wedge heel. I got it from Jeans Warehouse, I believe that store is only located in Hawaii. But hey, I had the sandal for a long time so the time had came to break, but at the wrong time. All in all, I definitely rocked this look at my friends 21st bday dinner.

Here’s a list of my outfit items:

Charlotte Russe

  • Blazer $40
  • Mint Dress $20

Jeans Warehouse

  • Black Wedge Heels: $20


  • My Own 🙂

Stick around for my future outfit of the days and possibly make up looks that come with it. Toodles 🙂