Wander and Daze Rave wear on ETSY!

herrow lovely people who follow my blog! It’s been a tough week, let me tell you.

Work, work, work, family issues, finances, and everything in between. it’s been STRESSFUL to say the least.

HOWEVER, one thing has been working out well in my life which has been the start up of my etsy shop Wander and Daze!

If you’ve read my previous blog post from like a month ago (I know, I need to blog more often) but I talked about Wander and Daze being a tshirt company with cool designs and stuff. I changed my mind about doing shirts because I lost interest, sadly.

I’ve found a new interest and passion in making festival or rave wear. It’s much more creative and I LOVE IT. It’s hands on and I actually get to create something with my own two hands. The difference between making rave wear and tshirts is that I couldn’t actually make tshirts and print them, because I had to equipment for that. With making the rave wear, I do everything. From purchasing items to create fantastic outfits to selling them on ETSY or other places. I am enjoying this journey and willing to do whatever it takes to take me higher.

With that said, Wander and Daze features handmade designed rave bra’s, tutu’s, flower crowns and headbands. It’s fun to experiment with my creativeness and create something cute. I really don’t design outfits with other people in mind. I just go with the flow, do whatever my mind comes up with. I’ve been sketching ideas lately, but the designs don’t come out as how I wanted because I do spur of the moment changes. I never regret that, it’s always a better idea than what I originally had.

I also do customized outfits as well. Anything you request, I can create it. I sketch out ideas and send them for your approval. It’s that easy, however it does take time and effort to make something with good quality.

Here are some pictures of what I created so far. Check out my ETSY shop, http://www.etsy.com/shop/WanderandDaze




Forever 21 Must Haves

Forever 21 Must Haves

I just checked out the Forever21 site and there are a few items that I’ve liked! This is the plus size section (which I think should be bigger with much more variety) but they have stepped it up within the past few years. I am going to Oahu soon, where they have a Forever 21 with a plus size section, and I wanna do some damage! HAHA. Hopefully I can post some OOTD’s and reviews on the clothes that I do get.

I NEED these items in my closet ASAP! my wardrobe is dying for the some cute new clothes.

Look out for a future haul of some sort. I will definitely be posting that!

Toodles for now, xoxo